lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Yulia on Ukraine

I asked my friend Yulia to write something on Ukraine, on being Ukrainian, considering what happened and is still happening in Kiev and in the whole country .
Hereby her contribution:
The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. (E. Burk)

Dedicated to all those who frequent social networks and take an ‘active stance’ posting, re-posting, liking, commenting and sharing.

During the recent months a few of my international friends or fb contacts asked me how I felt, whether I was safe, and a few ‘strangers’ offered their help or a refuge if necessary since they remembered my Ukrainian origin. I truly appreciated the gesture and care. Although comparing to what my compatriots in Ukraine had to live through and experience during the recent months on day-to-day basis, my life was a paradise. Because the morning news, even the most horrible was thrilling, but distant, and going to bed every night was safe and comfortable.

However, all accumulated information, facts of crime and enormous corruption, protests and manifests, statements and interviews, instances of solidarity and courage, images of blood, bullets, terrible wounds and eventually death are now being accumulated in my mind, stored in my heart…

Hope in yours too, as:

Didn’t you follow the news headlines? Well, if not from the beginning, but later then – yes… Does it help? Can you make a difference? Does it matter in a world order of corporate interests and hypocritical ‘deep concerns’?

I do not know the answers, but I think it is high time to say: ‘I am not Ukrainian, but I cannot keep calm!’

ps: the image above - from American Artist Martha Rosler' series "Bringing the war home" - have already become a reality for everyone of us.

Yulia Oleksandriv Usova
Stockholm, March 8 2014

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