venerdì 21 settembre 2012

Mahatma Thali and Claire's Kitchen

Progetto artistico di Manali Jagtap ( al ristorante Ganapati ( e curato da Cristiana Bottigella.
From 17 September to 29 October 2012, Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 10pm (Closed from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays)
Venue: Ganapati Restaurant, 38 Holly Grove, London SE15 5DF

Dal comunicato stampa: 
Unknown to many, Mahatma Gandhi was passionate about food. He spent half of his life researching the ‘perfect diet’; a diet that would nourish the growing Indian population and that could be sustained by the nation. His books on food and nutrition, written more than 60 years ago, are full of insight (and ingredients) relevant to the challenges of over-consumption, nutrition-less food, and obesity faced in the developed world.

Mahatma Thali and Claire’s Kitchen is the culmination of a collaborative project between artist Manali Jagtap Nyheim and Ganapati South Indian Kitchen. It is a culinary-artistic ‘jam’: Gandhi’s ideal ingredients are used by Ganapati South Indian Kitchen to create the “Mahatma Thali”; the Mahatma Thali is served for the first time on 17 September (and thereafter till 29 October) to selected guests – when the restaurant is transformed into a typical Indian eating space; typical Indian kitchen utensils (plates, bowls, tiffins) are transformed into art objects – an installation prepared by the artist that also involves sound from an ordinary Indian village kitchen; and a show of the artist’s recent mixed media works on paper.

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